Looking to make some amazing BBQ?

Mannix Pools has the grill you need! 

GrillsBig Green Eggs are the "swiss-army-knives" of grilling, having everything you may need to make the perfect neighborhood BBQ cookout, or a memorable camping trip for the whole family to enjoy. In addition, we offer a full line of "egg-cessories" and products to ensure your grill stay in tip-top shape! Our Big Green Eggs have also been featured at Eggfests for the whole community to enjoy. Click here to learn more.

Weber grillsWeber grills provide a classic grilling experience for both the avid grill master or the first time griller. Looking to spice up your grilling style? These grills come in gas, charcoal, and electric variants, offering quite the variety for you to choose from! We also have any of the cooking and maintenance equipment you may need in store. Click here to learn more.

Green Mountain GrillsGreen Mountain Grills are the optimal choice for anyone looking to use wood fired and pellet grills. These grills are widely popular for its digital practicalities, where a controller can be used to control the internal temperature of the grill through managing pellet flow. We provide all the necessary pellets and accessories you may need to enjoy a better BBQ experience. Grill smart with a Green Mountain Grill. Click here to learn more.

Grills3Delta Heat gas grills are wonderful additions to your custom outdoor kitchen space. These built-in grills offer many options and accessories, which means you can tailor your grill to meet your specific needs! Not only are they wonderful at their job (grilling up GREAT food) but they are also attractive. With Delta Heat you get good looks and good eats. What else could you need?

Traeger grillsTraeger grills are built for versatility, offering a full range of cooking options to smoke, roast, bake, braise, BBQ, and most importantly, grill. Similar to our Green Mountain Grills, Traeger grills have digital accessories for you to control its internal temperature and make grilling easier. These wood pellet grills promise a better taste, relying on pure hardwood as the key ingredient in unlocking its signature flavor. Here at Mannix Pools, we offer both wood chunks and spices to make your Traeger grilling experience truly unique experience for the griller. Click here to learn more.